We specialize in maintaining and improving the quality of hockey, baseball, lacrosse and football equipment. If you’re looking for an upgrade in the comfort, performance, or protection of your sports equipment, Great Saves has got you covered!. Get the most out of your gear, so you can get the most out of your game.

Over the past 25 years we have assembled some of the world’s finest industrial machinery to perform our professional reconditioning. This extensive inventory of machinery includes over 20 different heavy duty sewing machines that can sew through heavy plastics such as shin guard caps and other heavy materials that are used when manufacturing sports equipment. In addition we utilize industrial hydraulic presses, industrial rivet machines, strap cutters, hole punchers, industrial heat steaming and buffing machines. Most of our machinery has been specially set up and altered to work on specific types of sports equipment.

Great Saves has worked with many local and professional sports teams some including the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Whitesox and the Chicago Cubs.