Baseball Umpire Equipment

Great Saves offers same services for baseball umpire equipment as we do for baseball equipment. Teams and organizations can take advantage of discount programs as well! Save big on repairing, cleaning & sanitizing your equipment. It will look, feel, and perform like new for a fraction of the cost.

Our full service program will run about $49.95 per set of umpire equipment. This includes a complete inventory count, professional inspection, reconditioning of your equipment, plus cleaning and sanitizing! One set includes the following items: 1 pair of shin guards ($11.95), 1 umpire chest protector ($19.95), 1 face mask ($17.95). Please note: We offer many levels of service down from our full service program, which can be structured to fit most any leagues current budget!

Our cleaning & sanitizing process entails heat steaming the equipment at a temperature of 220 degrees. We use a sports specific disinfectant cleaner that combined with the heat steaming will kill all fungus, bacteria, and germs.

After we complete our inventory and professional inspection, you will receive your detailed report via email. All rejected items will be put on your initial inspection report.

Great Saves Equipment Repair

Our full service program also includes the following: .


Umpire face masks: Cleaned & sanitized, replaced foam & padding as needed, re-glue loose foam as needed, replace straps as needed, machine buffed & waxed.

Umpire shin guards: Cleaned & sanitized, replace caps as needed, repair torn padded, replace straps & clips as needed, stitch loose seams & edging, machine buffed & waxed.

Umpire chest protectors: Cleaned & sanitized, replace back straps as needed, replace clips as needed, repair torn padded covers, stitch loose seams, patch covers as needed.