How long will it take to process an order?
Generally speaking for a individual customer order, an order will take from 3 to 5 working days to complete. This also depends on the type of equipment and the detail of work that is required. Please note that this time range does not include team orders.
Do you guarantee your work?
Our full service repair center guarantees all work for 30 days. If our repair work fails within 30 days, we will fix it immed iately at no charge. No more months of waiting after sending your equipment back to the manufacturer for repairs or customization.
How do I pay for my order?
Please refer to the order form section of this web site for full instructions on payment options.
Do you offer a price quote before you begin working on equipment?
Yes, if you request one, we will. Just indicate this on the order form when you send it in; or if you wish, just call us. Please remember we do our best to be as accurate as possible when providing quotes. However, on some pieces of equipment the pr ice may be lower or higher than our original quote. One major factor to keep in mind is that the usual savings on repairing equ ipment versus buying new is approximately 300%, or one third the cost of buying new!
Do you provide rush orders?
Yes, we do offer the option of rush orders for our customers. However, if our work load is heavy at the particular time the request is made, we cannot guarantee that the order can be rushed to a specific date. however, we will do our best to get the equipment to you when you need it.
How much can I save on getting my equipment repaired?
The average saving on repairing your equipment is 300% on the dollar, or one thrid the cost versus buying new equipment. However, when it comes to customizing your equipment, our service is invaluable. Your equipment may not be damaged, but simply does NOT FEEL comfortable, or maybe more importantly needs additional padding or padding extension. The cost it takes to make an athlete feel totally protected yet staying completely mobile at the same time is what every sports equipment manufacturer should strive for. The staff at Great Saves prides itself for having satisfied thousands of athletes with our equipment customization services.
How long have you been providing such a service?
Great Saves has been performing this greatly needed service of equipment repair and customizing for 10 years. And even today we still r each new customers that are extremely excited about the services we offer!
Do you offer team & organizational discounts?
Yes, we do offer team & organizational pricing. to find out additional information, please call our customer service department at 630-295-9396 , or e-mail us at greatsaves1@comcast.net and we will be happy to talk to you about our team pricing and services.
Can you upgrade lower level equipment to a higher grade or extend/lengthen equipment as an athlete grows?
Yes. This is part of our customization service that we provide. The way to determine whether this service is cost beneficial or not is to simply take the price of the equipment that you are using, plus the upgrade cost, and compare the price versus a new piece of equipment. You will find that you not only save money but can maintain staying comfortable in the equipment as well. Or if it is during the middle of your season, and you have some important games in the near future, you may not want to take a chance on a new piece of equipment until the off season. Or perhaps you simply don’t like breaking in new equipment. Therefore, upgrading your equipment just might be the way to go!

Individual Equipment Questions:

Are you able to lengthen or shorten goalie pads?
We no longer offer lengthening of goalie pads. However we do offer shorting a pair of pads! In a case where you have purchased a set of pads that are just too big or you purchased a used pair of pads. Yes we can bring them down to your desired size.
Can you extend/deepen a goalie catch glove pocket?
Yes, this is one of our newer services. We have taken any goalie catch glove, with moderate depth (youth or adult), and added 2 or 3 inches to the deepeness of the pocket.
Are you able to replace or repair the inside palm of a goalie catch glove?
Yes, in reality what we are doing is completely remaking half the glove, usually the top of back half. This job can tend to be costly, somewhere around half of what the new gloves cost. Keep in mind new gloves cost between $300 and $400 each, so you are still saving between $150 to $200.
Are you able to change the color of a pair of goalie pads?
Yes and no. We can do it, but we do not recommend changing the entire pad color, which usually covers the entire face of the pad. Doing this may make the pads too heavy, and coul dbe too costly. However, we can and have changed the color on certain places of the pads. The recommended areas are the knees, outside rolls, the top rolls and the insteps, which by the way are the normal “wear and tear” areas. In additional we offer dying of the pads to change a color or colors. This option most of the time makes much more sense to change colors of a pair of pads. Please keep in mind that this process only works when using darker colors to cover lighter colors.
Are you able to lengthen or add padding to a goalie chest & arm guard?
Yes, this is a job we perform quite often. The most common areas for adding padding or extensions are the arms, shoulders, ribs & at the bottom of the chest protector covering the lower stomach area. Keep in mind we can perform this customization work for any chest protector in hockey, lascrosse, or baseball.
Are you able to add support to a pair of ice skates?
Yes, we first performed this job 10 years ago on Doug Wilson’s skates (ex-Chicago Blackhawks). He liked the job so much that the word spread throughout the NHL. What we do is use a very heavy and powerful machine to make a criss cross stitch throughout the ankle area and below, which reinforces the bott. We offer both a full and half stitch. If you have never had your skates stitch reinforced before, we recommend that you go with the half stitch to start. for more informa tion on skate reinforcing, please refer to the skate section in our catalog here on this web page.
Are you able to repair leather tears in a baseball glove?
When people think of repairing a baseball glove or catcher’s mitt, usually they think of just common replacing. Because we have the correct machinery that can get into just about any area of any glove to add new leather to any torn spot, a glove that many coaches or players think are unsavable can actually be repaired.
Are you able to add padding to a catcher’s mitt?
Besides performing most any type of repair on a catcher’s mitt or baseball glove, we can add additional padding to gloves that have broken down.
Are you able to replace cracked thigh, knee, and shin caps for catcher’s shin guards?
Besides repairing the torn vinyl on a catcher’s shin guard, we can also replace any and all plastic parts for catcher’s shin guards. We also have all the colors to match!
If you have any other questions that have not been answered here, please reach out to us! Thank you.