Football Equipment Repair

At Great Saves, we take great pride in reconditioning football equipment on an individual level as well as leagues.
For shoulder pads for individual customers, the basic service starts at $9.95 per pair. This includes professional cleaning and sanitizing, and a professional inspection. Extra repairs needed may include: repairing torn padding, replacing straps, clips, loose or lost rivets, and laces. You will receive a detailed estimate after our inspection. If any shoulder pad is not worth reconditioning, we will notify you of this.
Helmets for individual customers cost $9.95 each. This includes the same cleaning and sanitizing process as the shoulder pads. This price also provides a machine wax and buffing process so that they look great when finished. Great Saves can also repair football pants. Please call for details.
Our sanitizing process entails heat steaming the equipment at a temperature of 220 degrees. We use a sports specific disinfectant cleaner that combined with the heat steaming will kill all fungus, bacteria, and germs.
Shoulder pads straps with clips replaced – $6.50 each
Torn padding covered – $6.50 per area
Shoulder pad laces replaced – $4.00 each
Professionally repair your football blocking dummies!!!
Average cost is $95
Have Great Saves professionally recondition your football blocking dummies. We use a very heavy “bullet” ballistic nylon material that is custom measured and sewn to most any damaged area. This prices will also include cleaning your football blocking dummy. We service any brand and style of Dummy!!! Estimates are available upon your request!