Team Baseball and Softball Services

For over 25 years, Great Saves has offered a valuable service for baseball & softball teams and organizations, saving them time and money when dealing with their equipment management and safety.
With the high cost of new equipment, Great Saves offers the chance to save big on repairing, cleaning & sanitizing your equipment.  It will look great and feel and perform like new for a fraction of the cost.
Our full service program will run about $75 per team bag. That is approximately 25-35% of what you would normally spend each year for new equipment. This includes a complete inventory count, professional inspection, reconditioning of your equipment, plus cleaning and sanitizing! One full bag includes the following items: 5 baseball helmets, 1 pair of shin guards, 1 chest protector, 1 catchers face mask, 1 catcher’s glove, 1 baseball bat, plus (cleaning only) on your baseball equipment bag
Please note:  We can also structure a service program to fit most any league’s current budget!
 Our cleaning and sanitizing process entails heat steaming the equipment at a temperature of 220 degrees, which will kill fungus, bacteria, and germs.  Helmets will be checked for hairline splits, and baseball bats checked for splits in the aluminum.  Any splits in helmets and/or bats should be rejected.  All rejected items will be put on your initial inspection report.  You will receive your detailed report via email.
Our full service program also includes waxing and buffing the helmets, shin guards, and catchers face masks, as well as re-lacing the catchers gloves and re-gripping the bats (as needed).  Full reconditioning on both shins pads and chest protectors is also included.
All equipment will be returned professionally reconditioned. It will be repacked in the bags, separated and paired in sizes. From there you simply lay out the bags, pull from the bags, and build the team bags as you need. You will be able to combine your newly ordered equipment with the serviced equipment, and hand out 100% of fully cleaned & professionally sanitized equipment to your teams.
Finally, our professional inspection process is proven to be extremely valuable! Companies operate efficiently with proper inventory reports. Numbers must be accurate and timely to manage purchasing decisions and to evaluate and prepare budgets.
The inventory of your equipment will be done when you need it, usually within 2 weeks or less from the time we pick up your equipment.  We will provide you with a report of equipment received and rejected. You could then immediately begin to evaluate your budget and the need to purchase additional or replacement equipment. Each of the hundreds of pieces of your equipment is individually inspected for safety issues, and analyzed to make sure it is worth repairing.  Equipment that passes inspection is then cleaned, sanitized, and reconditioned to game ready condition.
You now take the guesswork out when ordering equipment. This service will not only save you money, but also the time of dedicating yourself to a second part time job. Most importantly it puts the kids in safe, sound equipment that has been professionally reconditioned and sanitized.
Over the past 25 years we have serviced too many leagues to list, the following are only a few of them! Arlington Heights Athletic Association, Algonquin Area Youth Baseball, Antioch Youth Baseball League, Beach Park Youth Baseball, Bartlett Youth Baseball, Barrington Youth Baseball, Bensenville Youth Baseball, Burbank American Little League, Clear Ridge Little League, Crystal Lake Continental Baseball, Des Plaines Youth Baseball, Downers Grove Youth Baseball, Evanston Youth Baseball, Genoa City Youth Baseball, Glenview Youth Baseball, Glen Ellyn Youth Baseball, Hamlin Park Youth Baseball, Homewood Youth Baseball, Lake Zurich Youth Baseball, Lombard Youth Baseball, Lincolnwood Baseball Association, Naperville Park District, Norwood Park Youth Baseball, Oak Park Youth Baseball, Rolling Meadows Youth Baseball, Schaumburg Athletic Association, South Elgin Little League, Streamwood Park District, Winthrop Harbor Youth Baseball, Wheatland Athletic Association, West Chicago Athletic Association, Wauconda Athletic Association, plus many more!!!
In addition to this league-wide service, Great Saves also does a multitude of custom work with baseball & softball gear.
Things we do for equipment!
All equipment is inventoried and professional inspected plus the following: 
Cleaned & sanitized, replaced foam as needed, re-glue loose foam, machine buffed & waxed.
Catchers face masks: Cleaned & sanitized, replaced foam & padding as needed, re-glue loose foam as needed , replace straps as needed, machine buffed & waxed.
Shin Guards: Cleaned & sanitized, replace caps as needed, repair torn padded, replace straps & clips as needed, stitch loose seams & edging, machine buffed & waxed.
Chest Protectors: Cleaned & sanitized, replace back straps as needed, replace clips as needed, repair torn padded, stitch loose seams, cover edging as needed.
Catchers gloves: Re-laced as needed, repair rips & tares, tighten loose knots, clean & condition.
Bats: Machine buffed to find splits in aluminum, re-gripped as needed.
Bags: Cleaned & Sanitized.
Heat Steaming!!!
Great Saves Heat SteamingOur cleaning & sanitizing process entails heat steaming the equipment at a temperature of 220 degrees. We use a sports specific disinfectant cleaner that combined with the heat steaming will kill all fungus, bacteria, and germs.